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Mission Statement

 Pneuma is the “...Wind, breath, life, spirit” (Gr.),

 “…the  forceful movement of air that seizes us with  elemental power and catches us up into tension or  movement” (Kittel, Theological Dictionary of the New Testament).

 Through the power of the Spirit, 
Pneuma Institute  provides formation of & continuing education for women and men engaged in the ministry of spiritual formation, direction and spiritual leadership. It fosters personal and communal growth in Christian discipleship through sustained spiritual practices, communal gatherings, and ongoing discernment of personal gifts and call for co-laboring with Christ to bring all creation to its fullness in God.  

 In their work, members of the Institute foster the  holistic development of healthier communities  whose members co-labor with God in the  Christ- project 
to bring all creation to fullness.